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Мы используем файлы cookie, чтобы сделать контент и рекламу более интересными и подходящими для вас, дать вам возможность делиться информацией в социальных сетях, а также проанализировать наш трафик. Мы передаем информацию о ваших действиях на сайте нашим партнерам: рекламным и аналитическим сервисам, а также социальным сетям. Подробнее…

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Обновления на сайте и ссылки удалены
05.10.2011 17:59
Мы обновили сайт и пришлось удалить некоторые сайты, которые не были в соответствии с новыми руководящими принципами. Если ваш сайт был удален Вы можете представить сайт снова на новое рассмотрение. Мы приносим извинения за возможные неудобства это может привести. [...]

У нас сменился адрес!
05.06.2011 10:48
У нас сменился адрес! Пожалуйста, используйте новый адрес: http://web100kz.com. Сайт web100.kz вскоре будет закрыт. Пожалуйста, обновите Ваши ссылки и кнопки.

Напишите комментарий снова ...
12.13.2009 16:47
Мы открыли раздел комментариев снова. Теперь вы можете написать что-то о сайте, вам нравится. We have opened the comments section again. Now you can write something about a site you like.

New features on the site
11.16.2009 19:28
The site has been re-arranged a bit and we hope you will like it.

Promotion: Soon Web100 will be updated again!
11.15.2009 23:00
We wish to take some of your time and tell about some cool news. We are now working on a new look for Web100. We will keep the main idea as it is today but make it more interesting and easier to use we hope. You will have a much more better overview of what's going on on the site. We will not say to [...]

The reason for the problems with the site lately...
11.15.2009 22:49
As you might have seen for some days we had some problems with the database. We think we found the problem and have fixed it. It seems it was to many database connections to the mySQL server. Now we only connect to the database when we really need to and this seems to have saved very much resources. [...]

Classifieds are beeing updated!
10.26.2009 06:26
Dear visitor and seller or buyer, We are at the moment performing another major update on the site. Soon you will be presented with a totally new classifieds section where you can sell or buy your things! Please have some more patience as we are working on this as we write. It will be ver [...]

Web100 working again
10.21.2009 23:17
Hello all visitors! We are now back online and we are better. We have fixed some major things with the site and you are now welcome to add your site, put your classified or use it like it was before. We are thinking of new cool ideas for Web100 so please keep your eyes open! The Web100 Team

Категории были пересортированы
01.13.2009 16:43
Мы обновили и пересортировали много категорий для лучшего понимания. Мы надеемся, что это облегчит Вам поиск сайтов в каталоге.

Why you should use META tags!
11.14.2008 11:57
This is a short article written for you who are creating web sites, own a web site or just happen to have one and planning to put them in link directories around the web. There is a major risk that your site misses some important features that can make it harder for search engines to find your site. [...]

Web100 is up and running
11.12.2008 20:20
We had some problems with the database but we are now up and running again. You are welcome to add your site and post comments again!

11.06.2008 16:44
Sorry for the problems with strange Russian characters on the site. We are working on it!

Bugg Fixed!
09.30.2008 18:26
There was a problem when new sites need to be activated. Please click your activation link again if you received 404 error! Thank you.

Site updated
09.15.2008 21:52
Now web100.kz is updated with new design and functions. Please look out in the future for more cool updates. This site wish to help you to promote your web site online. Thank you for visiting web100.kz!

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